Instruction manual

Below you will find the Dutch manuals of our smartwatches. Here you will find all the answers to the questions related to the operation, connection and functions of your watch.

Valante smartwatch

Valante Smartwatch Plus

Valante Luxe Smartwatch (old)

Valante Luxe Smartwatch (version 2023)

Valante Luxe2 Smartwatch

Valante Smartwatch S1

Valante Smartwatch S2 (old)

Valante Smartwatch S2 (version 2022)

Valante Smartwatch S2+

Valante Smartwatch S3 (old)

Valante Smartwatch S3 (version 2022)

Valante Smartwatch S4

Valante Smartwatch S5

Valante Smartwatch S6

Valante Fem-Fit Smartwatch

Valante Fem-Fit Smartwatch (version 2022)

Valante Fem-Fit2 Smartwatch

Valante Fem-Fit3 Smartwatch

Valante Lady-Fit2 Smartwatch

Valante Lady-Fit3 Smartwatch

Valante Luxe Pro Smartwatch

Valante Luxury Fit Smartwatch

Valante Luxury Sport Smartwatch

Valante Smart-Fit Smartwatch

Valante Smart-Fit2 Smartwatch

Valante Fit-Pro Smartwatch

Valante Ultrax smartwatch

Valante Fem-Pro Smartwatch

You can throughΒ info@valante.nlΒ or the chat of the website, you can always contact us for technical support or other questions about the operation of your smartwatch.


Not sure which app to use? The best way to download the correct app is to scan the QR code in the supplied manual.

Below you will find the complete list:

Valante Smartwatch: H Band

Valante Smartwatch Plus: QWatch

Valante Luxe Smartwatch (old): DA FIT

Valante Luxe Smartwatch (version 2023): GloryFit

Valante Luxe2 Smartwatch: Fitcloudpro

Valante Smartwatch S1: DA FIT

Valante Smartwatch S2 (old): DA FIT

Valante Smartwatch S2 (version 2022): Fitcloudpro

Valante Smartwatch S2+: Qwatch

Valante Smartwatch S3 (old): iband

Valante Smartwatch S3 (version 2022): Qwatch Pro

Valante Smartwatch S4: TEFITI

Valante Smartwatch S5: DA FIT

Valante Smartwatch S6: TEFITI

Valante Fem-Fit Smartwatch:

Model NY/QC13: QWatch

Model NY12: WearHealth

Model NY33: FitCloudPro

Valante Fem-Fit2 Smartwatch: GloryFit

Valante Fem-Fit3 Smartwatch: QWatch

Valante Lady-Fit2 Smartwatch: QWatch

Valante Lady-Fit3 Smartwatch: FitCloudPro

Valante Smart-Fit Smartwatch: DA FIT

Valante Smart-Fit2 Smartwatch: GloryFit

Valante Luxe Pro Smartwatch: FFit

Valante Luxe Sport Smartwatch: Fitcloudpro

Valante Luxe Fit Smartwatch: WearHealth

Valante Fit-Pro Smartwatch: QWatch Pro

Valante Ultrax Smartwatch: GloryFit

Valante Fem-Pro Smartwatch